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Further details on our approach & tools utilized to design for end user satisfaction
  • What exactly does guerrilla interactive, LLC do?

    Once you submit your idea or project to us, we take the intangible and turn it into a tangible blueprint and visible result. Looking to own a presence online that is not only attractive but also targets and connects with the user/consumer? Request Consultation.

    What is your commitment to quality?

    We pursue long term relationships with our clients. We understand each business is unique so our projects are never cookie cutter. We are meticulous, we pay special attention to strategy and design details, and utilize hand written coding. Our work output is industry standard. We hand pick and retain the best individuals with diverse skill sets in creative design, web & mobile design and development, and have a grasp on marketing principles. We do not resell your work to external companies. If your project is out of range for us, we will inform you. We are committed to providing quality services and working with integrity and candor.

    What industries do you serve?

    We serve clients in any capacity from start-ups to mid-size, and enterprise class businesses that operate in various industries. Clients come from an array of industries especially in web & mobile commerce. As long as you need Interface designs for screens, media, web, or mobile, we are willing to listen, examine, and inform you if we are the best suited for your project or not.

    Where are you based?

    We are based in South Bend, Indiana, or as we like to call it Notre Dame Country!! Although, we are a virtual business not limited to a set of walls. We frequent the locations of clients in Chicago, Atlanta, Naples, Indianapolis, and San Francisco.

    What is the size of your work teams/staff?

    We hand pick and retain the best individuals with diverse skill sets in creative design, visionary graphic design, web & mobile design and development, and a touch of online marketing experience. Our work teams are usually comprised of 4-7 hands on (research & strategy, content, design, agile dev. & testing personnel) and a project manager included depending on the size & scope of your project.

    We have the flexibility and capability to scale up work teams rapidly on an as needed basis. We have a global presence – our personnel are based in U.S Canada and Ukraine. We assure you we do not resell your work to external companies. We are committed to working with integrity and candor.

    Who should I contact for new client business or referrals?

    Please email [email protected] and include new client contact details or use our Contact Us form and we will be in touch with you.

    Who should I contact for ongoing service questions or billing?

    Please email [email protected] and make sure to identify your project status. Our business development head will get in touch with you.

    How does your Partnership program work?

    Please visit Our Company page to learn more about our partnerships structure and highlights or benefits of our partnership program. If interested in partnerships please fill out the provided form and we will be in touch with you.

  • What is your working process?

    Research & Strategy + Information Architecture + GUI Design + Visual Communication + User Interaction = Results. You may find our dynamic working process details in Our Services page.

    What makes you unique or different from other firms?

    consultancy approach: Our ability to cut through the red tape in marketing communications, in order to focus on what matters: What is your growth model? How are you planning to interact with consumers? What should be done creatively to foster long term growth and sustainability? How will our integrated marketing strategies help you prosper?

    integrated campaigns: Are your users or potential customers receiving a unified message? Are your users engaging in a memorable online or digital experience? Is there a seamless approach to all your aspects of marketing initiatives from advertising, promotions, business development, public relations, social media communication? Let us help you refresh your brand, consolidate your initiatives and unify your message.

    flexibility & adaptability: From discovery to research and strategy, design and development, and usability testing – we can enter into any project phase and support you with brainstorming ideas, building information architecture and recommending solutions that produce immediate results. We are able to adapt to your needs and progress a project into fruition.

    integrity + results: Our team delivers practical and intuitive end user digital interfaces to attract, convert and retain your audience. We seek to understand your business and cater to your need for a user experience partner for the long haul providing visible and measurable results. We uphold integrity and candor in order to establish long term working relationships.

    How many people will work on my project?

    Depending on the size and scope of the project, we employ a staff with diverse skill sets in visionary graphic design, web & mobile design and development, and online marketing experience. We are not limited to a fixed set of personnel.

    We work based on agile development model and are flexible – able to rapidly adapt to your needs and staff the best suited personnel for your project in round the clock modular phased development with ongoing testing and improvement.

    How long does it take?

    Depending on the size and scope of the project, average time can be anywhere from 2 to 5 months. We work based on agile development model and are flexible – able to rapidly adapt to your needs and staff the best suited personnel for your project in round the clock modular phased development with ongoing testing and improvement.

    Do you have samples of your work?

    Contact Us for samples of work or client references. Please do consider we tend to work under confidentiality agreements.

    Can project analysis require face time?

    Yes, we are a virtual business meaning there are various means and infrastructure to communicate beyond the good ol telegram. Connect with us via Skype, screen share, conference call, cell, email, etc we are glad to hear from you. If you require face time, for a set fee we come meet you, thanks.

    How much do you charge? Are you expensive?

    We are neither cheap nor unnecessarily expensive. Our goal is to help you formulate the best customized plan and effectively produce value for your business for a reasonable fee in consideration of your budget. Our payment options include PayPal, we accept most credit cards and or bank wire transfers (transaction fees incurred by client).

    What are your engagement models?

    We engage in fixed scope and cost or time and materials models. Fixed scope and cost is more common for projects with set duration time, set cost, and known project boundaries. Time and materials may involve ongoing projects without set boundaries but need continuous iteration and deployment. We are open to discuss which contractual models best fit your needs and company working style.

  • What are the end deliverable/s?

    Service deliverable include Web Strategy and Integrated Marketing Plans. We conceptualize, design, and deliver Information Architecture and UI design blueprints for web commerce (clickable wire-frames in Axure or Mockingbird), mobile commerce (mobile web and mobile app UI) and Enterprise SaaS (software as a service) UI blueprints. We deliver UI either in designed frames or in beautiful PSD (Photoshop) format per client request.

    We also design & deliver digital UI blueprints for proprietary touchscreen, and multimedia (e.g. interactive media players, skins, virtual control panels, simulation, touch tablets, and touch terminals) user interfaces. Beyond UI designs, we provide the complete cycle- end to end custom design, development, testing, and live launch of your virtual presence.

    What front-end design technologies do you utilize?

    For UX design, some clients have requested we start w/ basic pencil and paper to brainstorm and document visual ideas. We utilize design tools including Axure Pro, Pencil Project, MS Visio, Balsamiq or Mockingbird. Thereafter, we provide validated, pixel perfect, clean and latest standard front-end HTML/CSS markup and JavaScript languages for web & mobile.

    What development technologies do you offer?

    Beyond UI designs, we provide full scale custom web & mobile development executed by skilled and certified developers. Open source CMS development include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla complete with custom plugins as needed. We also develop larger scale dynamic sites in PHP, ROR, .NET, and AJAX, application frameworks along with MySQL Database Management. We have the ability and experience in integrating APIs, e-commerce Payment Systems (Paypal, Stripe, Magento, Shopify) and integrating Social Networks.

    What mobile development technologies are supported?

    Mobile development technologies include front end jQuery, jQTouch, and iphone/Android/Windows SDKs, and native apps deployment in PhoneGap, Titanium, and Marmalade cross platform frameworks. We build in agile development method meaning quicker development with continuous iterative and intensive testing and quality assurance engineering during build and refine stages prior to launch. Our platform development is focused on the following principles: clean hand written code built in expandable modules, operational performance based on optimum logic functionality, and with platform security and ease of maintenance and debugging in mind.

    What is the procedure for cloud & touch based applications design?

    Cloud or server side software GUI design takes an intricate knowledge of what the software is to accomplish, whom are the end users and will access be granted or restricted, how robust and customize-able should it be – is it open source to be built upon, what data systems or devices support it, is powered by CDNs – how are files/content stored, maintained, and delivered, is revenue to be generated from usage and or sharing?

    Besides the business intelligence analysis, infrastructure and utility considerations, some cloud & touch based apps also include the product or hardware, access terminal design element. For cloud & touch based projects, our Director prefers to meet with potential clients and consult on location with confidentiality maintained of course. During the initial meet, we would like to either experience a Demo, examine samples, or review available project documentation. We are not server side engineers or product engineers, but we will work along side your back end engineers to effectively deliver what we do best – interaction design concepts that beautify your application GUI and make it attractive, user friendly, and marketable. We aspire to meet and exceed your expectations.

    What other solutions do you offer?

    We provide private label Web Strategy and UX Design consulting services (in partnership) to creative advertising & marketing firms and online marketing agencies. Please visit our Partnerships area in the company page to learn more or contact us.

    Besides web & mobile what other UI do you design?

    We conceptualize and design proprietary touchscreen, and multimedia (e.g. interactive media players, skins, virtual control panels, simulation, touch tablets, and touch terminals) blueprints. We also design UI for Software as a Service enterprise platforms.

    We especially love to work with computer engineering teams to perfect what they find inevitably difficult – how to transform sophisticated and complex back end systems into simple and understandable front end user interfaces.

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