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Cloud & Saas UI Design

Designing the visual composition, patterns, themes, and interaction modules is critical for Saas & cloud applications development. The goal is to enhance the aesthetic look, efficiency, and ease of use of the underlying logic of a software program, a design discipline known as usability. Methods of user-centered design are applied to ensure that your cloud application or Saas interface is well tailored to fit the information presentation of the required software objectives.
Good user interface design relates to the user, not the system architecture. In software UI, large widgets are the windows which provide the access frame or container for the application – the web browser or desktop OS platform. Smaller widgets are the presentation content – window links, graphics, icons, buttons, menus, and text fields arranged in a visual pattern and act as data input and augmentation tools. Software interfaces are designed for enterprise SAP, Saas and cloud applications computing, machines such as ATMs, POS systems, self-service checkouts, and information kiosks. Our GUI design is not only crafted user friendly, but also adheres to the principles of the underlying software objectives.

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The Dynamic Process

focused on implementing UX/UI driven solutions
  • We understand every project is different. We consult on your vision – needs goals objectives and bounce off workable ideas. Who is your target audience? What problem are you solving for them? We analyze your audience, benchmark competition, conduct your digital presence audit, and run some web analytics. What makes your business unique? We outline the best fit branding and positioning, key messaging, and creative UX strategy for implementation.
  • Information architecture, clickable wire-frames, slick design tools…hand crafted designs for web, mobile, media & touchscreen, SaaS platforms. Our visionary team works to enhance, innovate, maybe simplify, and redefine how users engage and interact with your digital presence. User experience is executed with traffic audience attraction, conversion, and brand loyal retention as key factors.
  • Our choice of front end web technologies have broad support for desktop and mobile to ensure optimum performance and compatibility across browsers and devices. Additionally, specific CMS and development frameworks with hand written code or custom development requests are supported.We build with a focus on clean & lean code, maintain-ability, and expand-ability to sustain your business growth.
  • We collaborate w/client and users to review, test, revise, and submit. We review the front end design conversion quality, test navigation, functionality, and browser/platform compatibility. We review unique page titles, descriptions, keywords, and URL tags. We test cloud performance and security to ensure optimum operation as intended. Next – revise and make the necessary adjustments, thereafter we launch.

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