Our core passion is to design elegant user interfaces and innovative digital experiences

The Company

We are an award winning Web Strategy and UX Design firm. We love the idea of user interaction with digital interfaces and truly appreciate technology that is attractive, user friendly, makes work and life easier, and connects with the user/consumer for a lasting experience.

The Vision

UX Design is vital for every facet of digital communications. Whether your output is tangible products or intangible services, you need to reach, connect, and interact with your consumer. We highly acknowledge the innovative tools of digital interface design – operating systems with clean and simple GUI, enterprise & office applications, mobile & cloud connectivity apps. The future is Human Computer Interaction with touch or voice activated platforms and applications we get it. Your consumers are in a digital existence, let us innovate your products and services to meet them where they are.

The Team

Our Director – Andrew Mwangi is a graduate in marketing, and has almost a decade of experience in working in online marketing, online business development, and creative user experience fields. During this time, he discovered the importance of focusing on the user first – design end user driven businesses built from the perspective of satisfying your audience needs first. Our team is comprised of strategy, design, and development personnel from U.S Canada and Ukraine – to learn more visit our FAQs via the link below. To speak with us, fill the form or Request Consultation.

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Our partners not only get the assurance of quality and customized work. They get to experience the benefits of excellent support, and the expertise to deliver within short notice on diverse web strategy and interface design projects. You can expand your business, and introduce new services that align with our core competencies too. The partnership program is ideal for larger advertising and marketing firms, or creative agencies who wish to focus on business acquisition and project management instead of handling all the intricacies of campaign strategy and user experience design details.

Here are the few highlights of the partnership program ;

  • no setup fees, procure project at any phase
  • operate under your own brand name & logo
  • charge any fee above our fixed price
  • complete confidentiality is guaranteed
  • gain benefit of alternative consultation w/experts
  • in depth research, comprehensive web strategy
  • save time by eliminating design revisions
  • reduce project risk and increase confidence
  • To discuss a potential partnership, please fill out the form

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