What is the procedure for cloud & touch based applications design?

Cloud or server side software GUI design takes an intricate knowledge of what the software is to accomplish, whom are the end users and will access be granted or restricted, how robust and customize-able should it be – is it open source to be built upon, what data systems or devices support it, is powered by CDNs – how are files/content stored, maintained, and delivered, is revenue to be generated from usage and or sharing?

Besides the business intelligence analysis, infrastructure and utility considerations, some cloud & touch based apps also include the product or hardware, access terminal design element. For cloud & touch based projects, our Director prefers to meet with potential clients and consult on location with confidentiality maintained of course. During the initial meet, we would like to either experience a Demo, examine samples, or review available project documentation. We are not server side engineers or product engineers, but we will work along side your back end engineers to effectively deliver what we do best – interaction design concepts that beautify your application GUI and make it attractive, user friendly, and marketable. We aspire to meet and exceed your expectations.

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